A warm “thank you”!


The following messages are from the families we assisted this year through Oviatt’s Project Santa.  Volunteers, thank you for all that you do to support our community and families in need!

Just wanted to send a note of thanks to you, the students, parents and faculty who helped us in the past month.  The gift cards helped so much.  Honestly, if it weren’t for the generous gift, we wouldn’t have had much of a Christmas.  The love and support from you all made that possible.  We can’t thank you enough!

·         Thank you so much for your generosity to my family.  The kids loved the gifts they received.  Without your generosity our family wouldn’t have had the great Christmas that we did.  I hope you all had a terrific holiday season.  God bless you all.   And thank you Ms. Graber for coordinating the efforts, it truly is appreciated.

·         I want to let everyone that has made this possible know how much we do appreciate it.  I don’t know what we would have done without all the help that has been provided to us.  You were able to help make sure my children had an amazing Christmas and they did and it’s a lot to do with you.  Thank you again so much for everything that you guys do for us.

·         I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gifts and food. Had it not been for the generosity of everyone my kids would not have had any Christmas presents under the tree this year. I am a single mother and work but all of my money goes towards living expenses. My children were very understanding when I explained to them that there would be no presents this year. They even said “that’s okay mom, we don’t need anything”. I think Norwalk is an absolutely wonderful community and I couldn’t ask to be part of a better town. Again, thank you all dearly for the help. It means more than I can even say.

·         I just wanted to thank you very much for the books for the girls to put under the Christmas tree. Also want to thank you for including us in one of the families to receive food.

·         I just got done wrapping a mountain of gifts! Thank you so very much for always remembering my family.  We are  extremely grateful!  We have had issues with our vehicles and repairs had to be made that were very expensive and totally depleted our emergency and Christmas budget.  Although my kids never complain I feel like a failure as a parent lately.  Months ago we had to buy a van instead of finishing our home repairs with our tax return.  We would not have been able to do much more than put a few things in the stockings and it was starting to eat at my heart.. so again thank you. You have given me a way to make Christmas morning a day to look forward to.

·         Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means so much to me that people are willing to help others out like this. My kids will have a Christmas thanks to others generosity.

·         I just got done going through the bags and all I can say is “wow”. The generosity of everyone is so above and beyond anything. Thank you so much for giving my kids a Christmas.

·         Whoever sponsored my child went above and beyond for her.  I truly thank you and the family from the bottom of my heart who will make my daughter’s Christmas amazing this year!  I am sincerely grateful.  Thank you so much!

·         This is so unbelievably amazing!  More than I could have expected!!  Thank you so much to everyone involved!!!


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