Oviatt Warrior Dash Info


Oviatt Warrior Dash

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Raindate: Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Warrior Dash is a donation based fundraiser in lieu of traditional product sales that the Norwalk PTO hosts during the school day at the Norwalk High School Stadium.  Each student will have 15 minutes to run/walk as many laps as they can and also have 15 minutes to play in the inflatables.

​F​or each lap completed, the student earns two Warrior Dash tickets for a chance to win some great rewards/prizes.  All students will participate and can ​win!  We will have water available and each student will enjoy a healthy snack.  Parents are welcome to come to the event and participate with their child!
Updated Schedule
Please see the schedule below to find the time your child will be participating in the Warrior Dash.​

Kindergarten A (8:30-9:15 am)
Track — Adams, O’Brien, Fisher
Inflatables — Hill, Jorgensen, Myers

8:55-9:15 – groups switch
Track — Hill, Jorgensen Myers
Inflatables — Adams, O’Brien, Fisher

Kindergarten B (9:25-10:10 am)
Track — Ritchey, Ledden
Inflatables — Housley, Gerlich, Juhl

​9:50-10:10 –  groups switch
Track – Housley, Gerlich, Juhl
Inflatables — Ritchey, Ledden

2nd Grade A (10:20-11:05 am)
Track — Dirks, Phillips
Inflatables — Berry, Crawford, Wolff

10:45-11:05 –  groups switch
Track — Berry, Crawford, Wolff
Inflatables — Dirks, Phillips

2nd Grade B (11:15 am-12:00 pm)
Track — Freerksen, Tomkins
Inflatables — Clark, Scott, Wiltse

11:40-12:00 –  groups switch
Track — Clark, Scott, Wiltse
Inflatables — Freerksen, Tomkins

12:00-12:35 pm Break

1st Grade A (12:40-1:25 pm)
Track — Berkenpas, DesPlanque, Egli
Inflatables — Brincks, Gehringer

1:05-1:25 –  groups switch
Track — Brincks, Gehringer
Inflatables — Berkenpas, DesPlanque, Egli

1st Grade B (1:35-2:20 pm)
Track — Hodge/Scallon, Stansberry, Oberbroeckling
Inflatables — McLaughlin, Niemeyer

2:00-2:20 –  groups switch
Track — McLaughlin, Niemeyer
Inflatables — Hodge/Scallon, Stansberry, Oberbroeckling

Volunteers Needed​

​Many family members had fun participating in the Warrior Dash during their child’s designated time last year and we thought that was great! If that is something you would like to do, please consider signing up to volunteer during times, when your child is not participating. For example, if your child is in first grade, and you want to participate with your child, sign up to volunteer during Kindergarten and/or 2nd grade.​  If you would like to volunteer, please click the link below to sign up for a certain time and specific job.  Thank you for taking the time to volunteer!  We could not make events like this happen if we did have the wonderful support from the Norwalk Community!

 Norwalk PTO would like to thank everyone for making this even possible!!  The Warrior Dash was a successful event in 2016 and we are looking forward to another successful event in 2017!
Norwalk PTO

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