Warrior Dash Fundraiser a Success!

Norwalk Warrior Dash Fundraiser

We are proud to announce that the elementary students raised $57,500 for the 2017 fundraiser. We exceeded our goal…way to go!!!


Here are the school fundraising breakdowns…

Lakewood Warrior Dash
Total 26,182.53

 Breakdowns by Class
3rd Grade: $11,327.36
4th Grade: $7,895.17
5th Grade: $6,960

 Top Classroom per Grade
3rd        Spurr
4th        Linderman
5th        Perington

Top 2 Students per Grade
3rd        Drew Newburg (White)         Wyatt Miller(Chase)
4th        Tristan Shatava (Foley)          Kate Liedtke (Sinclair)
5th        Ellie Dueland (Perington)         Hunter Newburg (Krichau)

Oviatt Warrior Dash
Total: $31,408.45

Breakdowns by class
Preschool: $1,435.20
Kindergarten: $11,013
1st Grade: $9,630.75
2nd Grade: $9,329.50

 Top Classes per Grade

  • Kindergarten Hill
  • 1st Oberbroeckling
  • 2nd Tompkins

Top 2 Students per grade

  • Kindergarten Brooklyn Tiefenthaler (Gerlich)       Carter Huff (O’Brien)
  • 1st Brayden Walderbach (Oberbroeckling)          Makenna Cole(McLaughlin)
  • 2nd Beckett Brincks (Freerksen)   Grace Bordenaro (Wiltse)

Thank you to all students, parents and volunteers who made this 2017 fundraiser successful!

The Norwalk PTO


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