Fundraisers for Oviatt Playground

January 23, 2019

Dear Oviatt Parents,

We are writing to share some exciting information with you! Oviatt will be undergoing many renovations during the 2019-2020 school year while Oviatt students spend the year attending the new Orchard Hills Elementary School.  

Over the years, Norwalk PTO has played an instrumental role in updating and adding new playgrounds and equipment to our elementary schools. Playgrounds are something schools must provide, yet there is no funding distributed to schools to provide these playgrounds. Recently, the school district has needed to spend more funds to repair the Oviatt playground equipment to keep it compliant with safety standards. Norwalk PTO has committed to fundraising for the next year and a half in order to be able to provide a new playground for the students at Oviatt Elementary.

We have not finalized the design but it will be something similar to the playground shown here. A playground of this size and scope—along with the soft surface to go under it—is around $175,000. From fundraising efforts over the past two years, Norwalk PTO has already raised $50,000 to contribute toward this project. We have a goal to raise an additional $125,000 by next spring and we need your help!

Starting in February, you will be receiving information on various ways you can help us meet our goal. It will take all of us working together to be able to provide this new playground for the children in our community.  We know each family is different and may not be able to participate in every fundraiser. We just ask you help and contribute as you are able—monetarily, by participating in the fundraisers or in volunteering your time to help us with the administration of the fundraisers.   

Thanks in advance for your support and participation in fundraising to provide a new playground with soft surfacing at Oviatt Elementary School!


Amanda Fletcher                                          Betsy Stursma
Norwalk PTO Vice President                      Norwalk PTO Fundraising Chair
Oviatt Playground Project Co-Chair         Oviatt Playground Project Co-Chair

Sheila Taylor                                                  Rodney Martinez
Oviatt Elementary Principal                       Oviatt Elementary Student Advocate

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