Spring Teacher Grants Announced

Norwalk Elementary Parent Teacher Organization is pleased to announce the spring teacher grants awarded to elementary teachers in the Norwalk School District. Due to our continued commitment to fundraising (through events and grants) and ongoing financial support from parents, teachers, and local businesses community members, we are able to offer two grant cycles during the 2018-2019 school year.

The Norwalk PTO Board of Directors served as the grant committee (any current teachers or staff members who serve as PTO Board members did not serve on this committee). In 2018-2019, up to $2,500 will be awarded to each school during each grant cycle.

Oviatt Teacher Grants:

Chelsea Gambrel Art Screenflex Mobile Display $545.00
Stacey Egli Kindergarten STEM Games $150.00
Dyann Vilez Library Bags $320.00
Howell Morsch STEM iPad Mini $400.00
Nicole Ledden 1st Grade iPad Mini, Osmo Base, 5 Headphones $400.00
Taylor Crawford 2nd Grade OSMO Bases and Games $195.00
Michelle Tomkins 2nd Grade 5 Osmo Genius Kits $500.00

Lakewood Teacher Grants:

Aggie Hildreth 3rd Grade Magna-Tiles $229.95
Janet Weber 3rd Grade Organization Materials $200.00
Amanda White 3rd Grade Organization Materials $265.00
Michelle Van Soelen 4th Grade Books $82.00
Laura Dukes 4th Grade Books $200.00
Jill Martin 4th Grade Books $200.00
Becky Bengard 4th Grade Headphones $96.25
Anna Foley 4th Grade Headphones $97.93
Katie Naert 4th Grade Flexible Seating $60.00
Grace Sullivan 5th Grade Books $220.00
Mallory Hollingsworth 5th Grade Books $200.00
Shelly Vroegh Books $200.00
Amy Perington 5th Grade Standing table $200.00
Marissa Friesen 5th Grade Flexible Seating $100.00
Trenton Korver Special Education K-cups, Coffee Cups, Lemonade Cups, Healthy Snacks $150.00
Ashley Traver Special Education Field Trips $160.00
Elaine Menke Band Duet Collection Books and Shelves $116.00
Carolyn Klein Art Coaster molds, Mosaic Nippers, Cement, Grout $500.00
Clint Driftmier PE Music $40.00

Congratulations to all the grant recipients!

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