Norwalk PTO Receives Grant From Warren County Philanthropic Partnership

Norwalk PTO is excited to be one of 22 recipients of a grant from the Warren County Philanthropic Partnership in 2019.

Norwalk PTO was awarded a grant for $4,441.50 to be used for a bus stop shelter, which was presented at a reception May 7 at the Legacy Clubhouse in Norwalk.

Warren County Philanthropic Partnership awarded $108,465 in grants to organizations in Warren County this year. Those grant dollars will be invested back into Warren County communities to complete projects totaling more than half a million dollars.

“Norwalk PTO is thrilled to be the recipient of this grant to benefit Lakewood Elementary school. The way the student pick up lanes at Lakewood are structured, students do not have shelter while waiting for their parents. With the recent winter and spring weather we have had this year, school administration became creative in figuring out a way to provide shelter for students during the after school pick up process. We are proud that Warren County Philanthropic Partnership is partnering with Norwalk PTO to provide this bus stop shelter for hundreds of elementary students who will use it daily,” said Amanda Fletcher, Vice President of Norwalk PTO.


Warren County Philanthropic Partnership has served the county for nearly 15 years by awarding grants to nonprofit organizations and assisting citizens and nonprofit organizations in planning their charitable giving. To learn more about the community foundation efforts or contribute to Warren County Philanthropic Partnership’s grant making process, visit

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