The objectives of the Norwalk PTO are:

  1. To encourage communication and involvement among parents, teachers, and students.
  2. To assist teachers and students in furthering the education and development goals of the school.
  3. To provide additional resources and support for student and teacher activities.
  4. To support projects that will benefit students in the school, as well as in the home and community.
  5. To foster a spirit of cooperation between parents and teachers and to assist in and enhance the students’ education.

Why PTO needs you!

PTO depends on the generosity of parents and teachers as well as Norwalk community members and businesses. Generosity of not only funds, but also time and talents. In Norwalk, we are very fortunate to have a great school system with dedicated teachers and administrators. PTO works to provide them with the tools and activities that are not allotted for in the general budget.

To achieve these goals, volunteers are needed. FUN NIGHT, the biggest event fundraiser (approximately $12,000 per year) takes over 300 volunteer hours JUST FOR THE EVENT. That doesn’t count the hours spent working to secure donations, activities, etc. or the other activities that happen during the year. PTO NEEDS YOUR HELP! If you can give an hour or ten, it is appreciated.

YOUR suggestions and ideas are always welcome. Box Tops generated over $2000 in one week last year, all because one parent said – I can help, and I will.

Please fill out the volunteer form here and you will be contacted.

We look forward to working with you, for our schools!