Box Tops

Each Box Top for Education we collect is worth $$$ for Norwalk Elementary!

Box Tops

4 Every day ways to earn:

Clip: Clip box tops from different food items, Ziploc bags and containers, Avery office products and more.
Turn your box tops in at Medicap and they will MATCH your donation!

Shop: Before you shop online, log in to and earn box tops for every purchase you make. There are over 250 popular e-tailers to choose from.

Click: Earn boxtops for completing surveys, downloading recipes, and more.

Bonus: Retailers offer bonus opportunities, sweepstakes and savings, so check the website often!

Invite your neighbors and family members to start saving boxtops for you and then send them to school with your child so they can give them to their teacher or turn them in at Norwalk Medicap!

Learn more at the Box Tops Site


2 Responses to Box Tops

  1. deb bemis says:

    Do the box tops benefit both Oviatt & Lakewood or just Oviatt? Assuming they benefit both schools, do the box tops contributed get split evenly between the schools or those attributed to Oviatt to Oviatt and those to Lakewood to Lakewood? I saw that Medicap will match the box tops contributed there…do those box tops get split between the schools or how does that work?


    • Box Tops benefit both schools, but if they are donated directly to Lakewood, Lakewood gets that $. If Oviatt, then Oviatt gets that money. If the Box Tops are given to Medicap, they double them for us and then provide them to PTO. PTO then will distribute them evenly to each school. Unless we are having a Box Top drive and have a contest for one school, then the $ goes to that school.

      I hope that answers your question.

      Thanks for checking out our website.
      Deanna Schulz – PTO President

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